Nicky and Adam

Nicky and Adam's day was gorgeous and simple earlier this year.

Adam is a retired army vet and they both believe they have been so blessed in life and love  so they asked their family and friends to forego gifts and to donate to the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.   

The wedding details were stunning.  Nicky wore a lace, low back gown made by a family friend.  Wild native flowers were not only in the bride's bouquet but also in a  her flower crown.  

Their day started with a glamorous ceremony in St Stephen's Cathedral and a food packed reception at Spring restaurant.  

Enjoy x    

Helen and Liam

This was another gorgeous wedding we had the privilege of covering this year.  

We love an opportunity to get us out of the city so we're over the moon when we got booked to cover another Mavis's Kitchen wedding.

Helen (the bride) is an amazing artist that had such a beautiful vision for her day and put so much effort in to all the details.  We loved her emphasis on florals with the wild bouquets from Fleuriste ( and the thoughtful favours of a "take home bouquet" flower station at her reception.  

Check out Helen and Liam's day.


Pete and Paula

So one of the most nerve wracking things for a wedding photographer is covering another photographer's wedding, especially one you work with.  Pete is one of our photographers here at Pelizzari and it was an honour to shoot his and Paula's wedding day at Maleny's Little White Wedding Chapel.  

These guys were extremely lucky with weather, just the day before South East Queensland had torrential rain causing roads to close down and major delays.  However the next day the sun came out and dried out all the rain so Pete and Paula's gorgeous, wedding was back on again. 

Alana and Jay

We were so fortunate to shoot this gorgeous couple's intimate wedding in the Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast last month.

Jay and Alana live in New Zealand but came back to Australia to share their wedding celebrations with their friends and family.

This wedding was so effortlessly beautiful and refreshingly simple.



Rustic Love

I love, love, love this shoot Charlie (Stylised) and myself put together very quickly for a clients Charm and Shane.  

The very, gorgeous Charm wore Lisa Brown and wore one of Stylised's famous floral Crowns.   This couple shoot just oozes bohemian romance, can't wait to shoot more of these.


A Styled Test Run

We love, love, love a gorgeous engagement/couple shoot.  Any chance we have to get creative and design something romantic and fun we jump at it.

Apart from wedding images most couples don't usually have professional photographs of themselves.  We find that most of our couples treat the engagement shoot as a "test run" for their big day.  It helps them become more comfortable with the camera and us.  We give our couples an option of using a stylist or just having us a session with the photographer.  We love to using a floral and location stylist.  It just adds something a little extra tot he images.  

This collection was put together by Stylised for kane and Jacinta and we were lucky enough to capture it.  



We love to include anything that helps tell the story of who you guys are as couple. It adds more of your history, background and personality to the images and your album.  

We've shot everything from Tea Ceremonies to Grooms and groomsmen in kilts, we've had couples include money from their home country and at my own wedding we gave out wish bones for good luck.  

No matter what your family's traditions are we want to hear about them and photograph them!!! 

Kim and Marcus had a stunning wedding last year.  Marcus coming from Scottish Heritage decided to wear a kilt along with all his groomsmen.  We used the tartan material to photograph their details and Kim used the fabric around the stems of the flowers in her bouquet.  We love that they were willing to have a little fun with the images and injected a piece of themselves in the details of their day.

Check out Kim and Marcus full gallery on our LOVE STORIES page.     


It's all in the Ceremony Space

So over the many years I've been shooting weddings I have come across many different ceremony spaces.  

I love the couples that decide to go all out a do something special.  The ceremony is the moment the whole day is all about, so why wouldn't you want it to look truly magical and amazing.  It helps build the romance of the entire day and the photographs look incredible making the cost and efforts with while.  

Our styling partners from "Stylised, the event specialists" have made plenty of couple's dreams come true with some of their gorgeous ceremony creations.  I have been very fortunate to be able to photograph them in all their glory.  

Check out below some of my favourite ceremony setups.   


Make a wish

My mum was telling me about a tradition they did on their tables 33 years ago at their wedding… The wishbones!  

Each guest gets a wishbone, but to win the good luck the guests have to participate in a little tug of war for two.   For those who are unfamiliar with this tradition, each person takes a hold of one end of the double-pronged bone.  They pull the bone with their pinky fingers until the bone breaks, the person with the most bone gets the wish. 

This tradition dates back 2400 years ago with the Etruscans who lived on the Italian peninsula.  During this time the Etruscan people believed that fowl could tell the future.  If a chicken was killed, the wishbone was thought to be scared.  Once the bone was dried out the people gathered around to hold the unbroken bone and made a wish in hopes of it bringing them good luck.

However we have decided to pretty up our little bones by painting them the pastel colours of the frames we’re using for our table numbers.  I’ve also attached little tags with twine with “make a wish” on them for added decoration and to eliminate any confusion from our guests.  The tags I picked up form a stationary store where I also ordered a stamp with the “make a wish” embossing.  As for the wishbones, I started to collect them from friends and family and soon realised we were going to come up very short (220 guests = 220 chickens) so I went to our local, friendly butcher where he was happy to help me out for free.

I think it adds a little fun to the tables and we were happy to carry on a family tradition.

One of my favourite traditions

One of my little favourite traditions is the exchanging of gifts between the couple before the wedding.  I think it’s a beautiful little momento for you both to remember your day.   You can wrap the gifts in the wedding’s colour scheme and even based the gift around the theme of your day.  It’s makes for great images in your album and is just another little person touch to make your day even more special.

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown would have to be one of my most favorite clients and designers.  I absolutely love her pieces and for both ready to wear and her bridal.  Her collection is in incredibly feminine and flattering.  I posted a few of images I shot for her look book but to check out her full collection please go to her website, you won’t be disappointed. 

Rain Rain Go Away


I don’t know how ironic rain on your wedding day is but they say it’s good luck however it doesn’t seem like it when it’s happening on your special day.  I know the bad weather can throw a spanner in the works but as long as the rain stops long enough to get a collection of images, an angry sky in the background of any location can make for beautiful images.  


Some tips and suggestions of handling the unpredictable and unstoppable acts of god:

Always, always, always have a back up plan!  Find an alternative location for those post ceremony images.

Umbrellas seem obvious but try to keep away from golf umbrellas with logo slapped on the side of them.  Look on line and try to find different coloured, shapes and sized umbrellas and you can even match them into your wedding’s colour palette.

Shoes can get absolutely ruined in wet weather and mud so if you can always try gumboots for those outdoor shots.  They can look incredibly chic and fun in images.

Another suggestion is to check out the forecast, if you know there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be torrential in the afternoon, consider doing “first look photos.”  This is getting all the post ceremony shots done before the ceremony.  There are plenty of benefits to this, your photographer can capture the very first moment you both see each other.   As well as you get all the images done and dusted before the wedding, so after your ceremony your not ripped away from your guests and you can join in and enjoy the party straight away.  

For couples who have their day's weather go out of control Pelizzari offers reshoots of the post ceremony images.