Rain Rain Go Away


I don’t know how ironic rain on your wedding day is but they say it’s good luck however it doesn’t seem like it when it’s happening on your special day.  I know the bad weather can throw a spanner in the works but as long as the rain stops long enough to get a collection of images, an angry sky in the background of any location can make for beautiful images.  


Some tips and suggestions of handling the unpredictable and unstoppable acts of god:

Always, always, always have a back up plan!  Find an alternative location for those post ceremony images.

Umbrellas seem obvious but try to keep away from golf umbrellas with logo slapped on the side of them.  Look on line and try to find different coloured, shapes and sized umbrellas and you can even match them into your wedding’s colour palette.

Shoes can get absolutely ruined in wet weather and mud so if you can always try gumboots for those outdoor shots.  They can look incredibly chic and fun in images.

Another suggestion is to check out the forecast, if you know there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be torrential in the afternoon, consider doing “first look photos.”  This is getting all the post ceremony shots done before the ceremony.  There are plenty of benefits to this, your photographer can capture the very first moment you both see each other.   As well as you get all the images done and dusted before the wedding, so after your ceremony your not ripped away from your guests and you can join in and enjoy the party straight away.  

For couples who have their day's weather go out of control Pelizzari offers reshoots of the post ceremony images.