Make a wish

My mum was telling me about a tradition they did on their tables 33 years ago at their wedding… The wishbones!  

Each guest gets a wishbone, but to win the good luck the guests have to participate in a little tug of war for two.   For those who are unfamiliar with this tradition, each person takes a hold of one end of the double-pronged bone.  They pull the bone with their pinky fingers until the bone breaks, the person with the most bone gets the wish. 

This tradition dates back 2400 years ago with the Etruscans who lived on the Italian peninsula.  During this time the Etruscan people believed that fowl could tell the future.  If a chicken was killed, the wishbone was thought to be scared.  Once the bone was dried out the people gathered around to hold the unbroken bone and made a wish in hopes of it bringing them good luck.

However we have decided to pretty up our little bones by painting them the pastel colours of the frames we’re using for our table numbers.  I’ve also attached little tags with twine with “make a wish” on them for added decoration and to eliminate any confusion from our guests.  The tags I picked up form a stationary store where I also ordered a stamp with the “make a wish” embossing.  As for the wishbones, I started to collect them from friends and family and soon realised we were going to come up very short (220 guests = 220 chickens) so I went to our local, friendly butcher where he was happy to help me out for free.

I think it adds a little fun to the tables and we were happy to carry on a family tradition.